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I am a 20-something that lives in a small apartment in Colorado with 4 cats and a loving boyfriend named Derek. I’m a bit quirky and all over the place and try to make every day an adventure. So come along for the ride and let’s get started!

I created this blog to give just a peek into my daily life and activities and will treat this blog as a journal of sorts. I guess I created this a bitย more for me than anyone else. I wanted a place to air my thoughts,ย share my adventures, encourage others to cook and share food, explore other cultures, and create projects. I want to be able to look back at these posts and reminisce about my life’s adventures and push myself to create more of them. I want to leave myย mark on the world somewhere, even if that means just this tiny corner of the internet.

So, welcome to Just a Peek and I’m glad to share this journey with you!

If you have suggestions on recipes I should try, places I should visit, or anything else you’d like to see me do, feel free to email me or comment on any post!

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