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Why the name Just a Peek?

Just a Peek was founded on the concept that this blog would be ‘just a peek’ into my daily life. It really was a cute play on words for “I do what I want” here.

What is Just a Peek?

Just a Peek Blog was created to show a snapshot of my daily life. It is a sorta noncontractual, open-ended way of saying this blog will just be whatever I like/want it to be. I won’t ever be pinned down as a recipe, DIY, or beauty blogger. I’m pretty sure some of the stuff I put here probably wouldn’t normally be considered ‘blog material’ anyways. Everything here is anything and everything me.

Who I am:

I am a 20-something that lives in a small apartment in Colorado with 4 cats and a loving boyfriend named Derek. I run the site by myself, write all the blog posts and drag Derek along with me. Derek offers ideas, proofreads blog posts, and always offers to help on my next crazy idea (so supportive of this one).

You’ll see Derek mentioned a lot in posts as he is my main person. He is an easy going critical thinker, and the most hardworking person I have ever met. I, on the other hand, am the exact opposite. Opposites attract, right?

What is STORIES/Just a Peek Podcast?

Just a Peek Podcast was created for Derek and me to casually talk about different topics. STORIES is the first segment/series in the podcast that consists of Derek and I swapping stories in a dedicated category. Sometimes we also share a story together if it involved both of us. In general, STORIES is a storytelling series in the Just a Peek Podcast.

Image Copyright Statement:

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Welcome to Just a Peek and I’m glad to share this journey with you!