Monthly Movie Recommendation #2

For all those movies you weren’t allowed to watch as a kid or for those movie references you don’t always get but want to, this is the list for you. This monthly installment gives you five movies from the 80’s to the 2000’s that you may have never heard of or just let slip through […]

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April 2018 Favorites

gluten free review snacks

I always struggle to remember what my favorites for the previous month were and try to do everything that I’m loving right now and then have nothing for the next favorites. It’s a vicious cycle and a month is such a long time (Derek says I run on Molly time which is slower than everyone […]

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Monthly Movie Recommendation #1

Derek lived an apparently sheltered childhood and hasn’t seen really any movies outside of Marvel and the action genre. So a lot of jokes or references I made went over his head and apparently I am crazy enough that he just thought I was saying gibberish, being my normal self and just went along with […]

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March Favorites

Gluten Free Pizza

This post is long overdue! It was my birthday last weekend so I kinda put off some of my responsibilities to celebrate, sue me.Β πŸ˜‰

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