Beautiful Colorado Drive and Hike with Video

Colorado hike view

I put together this artsy video with some of the adventures Derek and I have been up to recently. I was gifted a GoPro for my birthday and decided to break it in, hope you enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds (Derek wrote and played the song)! It’s my first video, so show it some […]

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Prep-Ahead Restaurant Style Tikka Masala

Indian curry recipe naan

Guys, GUYS, GET EXCITED!! Are you ready? We are going to make the best darn tikka masala you have ever had. Seriously. When you first make this recipe you’ll be wanting to make it every night for dinner, and it’s so easy you will.

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Monthly Movie Recommendation #1

Derek lived an apparently sheltered childhood and hasn’t seen really any movies outside of Marvel and the action genre. So a lot of jokes or references I made went over his head and apparently I am crazy enough that he just thought I was saying gibberish, being my normal self and just went along with […]

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March Favorites

Gluten Free Pizza

This post is long overdue! It was my birthday last weekend so I kinda put off some of my responsibilities to celebrate, sue me.ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

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The Perfect Mojito

This is by far my favorite drink. I didn’t understand how people could like the taste of alcohol before I tasted this amazing concoction. I have one wine and two mixed drinks that I like out of everything I’ve ever had, but I know I still have thousands of different drinks I could try and […]

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Any Skill Canvas and String Art Decor

Alright, so I love this DIY because it’s perfect for someone looking for an intricate art piece or for something quick and easy. The best part about this project is it’s very customizable to your current decor, time, and skill set.

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DIY Blackout Candles (6 for $25)

If you came here for a full tutorial on how to make candles, you might want to find a more experienced candle maker. This post is really more of a PSA than a DIY tutorial. After a horrific blackout experience, I decided it was my duty to inform the lovely public how to be more […]

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